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Gate Panel Calculator

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You can use our calculator below to figure out all the materials you need for a gate panel.
This calculator takes the make size for your gate and allows you to either order the materials, a gate kit (materials cut to size), or a full gate fabrication (ready for install). If you don’t know how to get the make size, take the opening width and deduct 40mm (20mm each side) and then deduct 50mm off of the opening height (for the gap beneath the gate).

Posts and Hardware not included here. Add them from the store.

Light Duty

Best for: Small Entry Gates, Low Use Personnel Access Gates, DIY Friendly

Max Size: 1800h x 900w

Hardware: LokkLatch Deluxe & TruClose Regular Hinges

Medium Duty

Best for: High Traffic Personnel Access, High Strength Access, Architectural Areas

Max Size: 2200h x 1250w

Hardware: LokkLatch Deluxe & TruClose Heavy Duty Hinges

Heavy Duty

Best for: Driveway Gates, Caravan Parking Areas, High Wind Load Areas

Max Size: 2200h x 1800w

Hardware: LokkLatch Deluxe & SureClose Non Self-Close Hinges

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